tingewick parish council members

Councillor Mrs Trisha Lightfoot
Responsible for street lighting
Tel: 01280 847512
DPI - Trisha Lightfoot

Vice Chairman:

Councillor Martin Hornsey
Responsible for playgrounds, footways and street furniture
Tel. 01280 848182
DPI - Martin Hornsey

Councillor Jackie Newman 
Responsible for footpaths and pond
DPI - Jackie Newman

Mr Richard Fenemore
Responsible for the maintenance of the recreation ground.
Tel: 01280 848 692
DPI - Richard William Holdom Fenemore

Councillor Mrs Patricia Swinburne 
Responsible for cemetery, grass cutting and special projects.
Tel: 01280 847764
DPI - Patricia Swinburne

Councillor Andrew Jenkinson
Responsible for planning
Tel. 07967 964508
DPI - Andrew Jenkinson

Councillor Ed Maxwell
Responsible for Roads
Tel: 07764 976774
DPI - Edwin Maxwell


District Councillor:
Patrick Fealey
Ashwood House, Midsummer Drive, Grendon Underwood, HP18 0XH
Tel: 07710 001500

County Councillor:

Charlie Clare
The Old Vicarage
Barton Road
Buckingham MK18 4JZ
Tel: 07881 738317


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