About tingewick parish council

Tingewick Parish CouncilTingewick is a pleasant, friendly village of some 450 dwellings and approximately 1100 people lying some 4 miles west of Buckingham.

Your Parish council consists of the Parish Clerk and 7 members. Meetings are held in the Village Hall on the first Thursday of each month (except August) commencing at 7.30pm. Members of the public are welcome to attend and bring any concerns and suggestions they may have to the attention of the Council or simply to see what your council is doing on your behalf and it is important for residents to take part.

The Parish Council is legally required to deliver certain services e.g. to provide and maintain bus shelters, to provide and maintain burial grounds and to maintain monuments and memorials including closed churchyards, to provide and equip community buildings. They also have the power to spend money on your behalf on various crime prevention measures, to deal with ponds and ditches, to maintain footpaths and bridleways and to light roads and public places.

The Council is able to support the provision of entertainment and the arts and to participate in schemes of collective investment. In 2006 the Council was responsible for the development of an affordable housing schemes consisting of both flats and houses. This development, in Field Close, is now complete and Phase II is actively being pursued. Also, in 2006, the Council was the instigator of the revived village festival and included a beer festival which has become an annual event.

Several events are organised by the Parish Council in conjunction with local organisations, the School and Church such as ‘Music in Quiet Places’ children’s play events and concerts by the Great Horwood Silver Band.

In 2008 the Parish Plan was published and delivered to every household in the village. This followed a questionnaire that had been sent to everybody in the village in order to obtain residents views on what improvements they would like to see in their environment. This has been a very successful project and many improvements have been carried out, some of which have included the participation of the residents themselves e.g. the regular footpath inspection walks.

Under the auspices of your Parish Council, a group of residents have set out to produce a ‘Village Design Statement’ in order to ensure that any further building in the village is of a sympathetic nature to the village environment. They have received a grant to help with the printing of the Statement which it is hoped will be available to all residents in approximately 12-18 months time.

The village is entered each year into the ‘Village of the Year’ and ‘Best Kept Village’ competitions. Tingewick has received commendation certificates and these can be seen displayed in the village hall.

Your Councillors are always willing to take on board any of your concerns and bring them to the next council meeting or discussion.

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